Partner Agencies & Services Funded

If you are in need of services for your child or youth, this page will provide you with a list of funded partnering agencies that provide services by service category.  Each funded agency has a link to their website for more specific information about individual programs and services.

Twenty-nine agencies providing services to St. Charles County children and youth have been awarded grants totaling over $7.26 million for 2018.  These services include: Temporary Shelter Services, Services to Unwed and Teen Mothers, Outpatient Psychiatric Services, Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Crisis Intervention, Transitional Living, School-based Prevention Services, Home-based Family Intervention, Counseling Services and Respite Care Services.

Finding the right program for your child or youth can be a confusing or difficult process, and so if searching for information via the internet becomes frustrating, please call our staff directly at 636-939-6200 or email us at for a referral.  We also have this handy Community Service Guide for Mental Health & Substance Use Treatment for your use.

Temporary Shelter Services for Runaways
Respite Care Services
Outpatient Substance Use Treatment
Services to Teen Parents
Crisis Interventions
Outpatient Psychiatric Services
School-Based Prevention Services
Transitional Living Services
Home, School and Community-Based Services
Individual, Family and Group Counseling
Additionally, we recommend that you visit for more detailed descriptions of many of programs listed above along with other program services that exist in our community.  You may search by service category, population, and zip code.

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