Shower of Love

Shower of Love collected $65,000 in donations for 2019!

Shower of Love is an annual  collection drive to collect donated formula, diapers, wipes, and baby care basics for non-profits serving babies and families in St. Charles County.  Our mission is to reduce the risk of child neglect and abuse, while easing financial strain on parents.  Each year hundreds of volunteers and community partners come together to support families experiencing poverty or temporary crisis.

Shower of Love happens in April and May, so check back for more information on the 2020 drive.

CCRB is proud to sponsor Shower of Love and to be part of the effort to end child abuse in our county. Thank you!

With the tremendous support of our community, the Shower of Love has raised $1,031,000 in baby donations; a tremendous impact on our community and the non-profits who serve.

Follow Shower of Love on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or visit our website to learn more.

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