Board of Directors

Board members are appointed for three years by the County Executive and approved through the St. Charles County Council. Members of the Board can be reappointed at the discretion of the County Executive. These volunteer appointments are considered an honor and an obligation taken willingly and with an open mind, involving public trust and the distribution of sales tax revenues to organizations and agencies providing services to children and youth of St. Charles County.



Ron Berrey, Ed.D, 2019 Frank Martinez, 2012


In Memoriam

Tom Brown (1998-2004)* Dr. Hank Clever (1998-2004)
Gil Copley (1998) Dennis Emge (2000-2004)
Gil Lauer (2009-2011) Frank Martinez (1997-2012)
Vince Schneider (1998-2009)

*Years of service to CCRB

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