Mission, Vision , Values



Maximizing community resources to build and sustain a comprehensive system of services for children and families in need.


Preparing all youth and families to realize a brighter tomorrow.


In support of our mission and vision, the CCRB is dedicated to:

  1. Encouraging collaboration and integration of mental health services and public funds to deliver services that are effective, efficient, and continually improved.
  2. Making sure that children and families in need of services are partners in the planning, development, and delivery of those services.
  3. Developing accountable service delivery systems that are responsive to the community as well as public health and welfare authorities.
  4. Working to strengthen children and families.

CCRB-funded program and services effectively help to prevent child abuse and neglect; reduce homelessness and substance abuse, and through prevention education services, reduce school-based violence.

During 2021, the CCRB will fund $8 million for children’s mental health-related services.

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