Who We Are

The CCRB operates on a partnership model with local non-profit agencies to improve access to and provide mental health and substance use treatment services for children in St. Charles County.

For every dollar spent in St. Charles County, 1/8 of a cent is dedicated to the Children’s Community Services Fund for St. Charles County children and teens, up to 19 years of age.  The CCRB oversees the administration, allocation, and distribution of the Children’s Community Services Fund. In addition to its responsibilities of administering funds, the CCRB also oversees local funding for the Missouri Children’s Trust Fund License Plate Program.

Efficient funding and high-quality services contributes to St. Charles County consistently ranking in the top 5 for overall child well-being in Missouri, as determined by Missouri Kids Count.

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The CCRB History

The CCRB was originally known as the Children and Family Services Authority (CFSA), and was created by County Ordinance 97-152 as a replacement for the St. Charles County Community Mental Health Board of Trustees in 1997, and began meeting in June 1998.  Recognizing the needs of children and families in St. Charles County, a coalition of the CFSA, committed local nonprofit agencies, and community supporters applied for a federal grant.  In October of 1998, St. Charles County was awarded a 6-year, $7.1 million grant to serve children with a serious emotional disorder and their families, later adding on an additional $1.5 million for a seventh year.  This program is known as Partnership with Families, and the CCRB was responsible for overseeing the entire grant, including all financial aspects, clinical work and research.

The federal grant ceased in the fall of 2005, but funding for the continuation of this model project was made available through the passage of Proposition 1 – Putting Kids First (November 2004), which created a Children’s Community Services Fund for the purpose of providing children’s mental health and substance use treatment services to County youth, aged 0-19.  In October 2006, the Children and Family Services Authority was renamed the Community and Children’s Resource Board (CCRB).

Currently, the CCRB is governed by a Board of Directors.  The CCRB complies with the Missouri Sunshine Law and provides all public financial and administrative data on this website or by request.  Please contact the office at 636.939.6200 or email info@scckids.org for more information.

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