Children’s Trust Fund Grants

The Community & Children’s Resource Board is proud to be a License Plate partner for the Children’s Trust Fund (CTF), Missouri’s foundation for child abuse prevention.  The Children’s Trust Fund works to prevent child abuse and neglect and strengthen families through:  Grant Distribution, Education, Awareness, and Partnerships.  The CCRB administers Local CAN Mini Prevention Grants to programs dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect.  Funds collected for St. Charles County vary, but the CCRB generally administers $10,000 to $20,000 annually; a typical grant is $1,000 to $3,000.  Agencies may apply for multiple grants.

Residents can donate directly to the CTF or purchase a specialty CTF license plate for $25.00 annually; over and above regular registration fees.  The entire CTF donation can be designated to a CTF License Plate Partner by providing their name or county on the check mailed to CTF or by choosing a partner during the online donation process.  For more information, contact the Children’s Trust Fund office at


Children’s Trust Fund applications are available to any 501(c)3 or equivalent that meets eligibility criteria and serves St. Charles County children.  Funds from the CTF’s License Plate Fund must be used to support, develop, implement and evaluate child abuse and neglect prevention programs and services in St. Charles County.  Child abuse and neglect prevention programs are defined as any community-based educational, family support or resource program designated to prevent, alleviate or reduce the risk of child abuse or neglect in St. Charles County.  Funds may not be used for treatment services.

For additional information on Children’s Trust Fund Grant criteria or to apply, download the Children’s Trust Fund Application and Instructions.

A second round of funding is available for 2021. The application is due by 2:00 p.m. on September 10, 2021.  Please contact the CCRB if you have not previously applied for a Children’s Trust Fund Grant.  Funding decisions will be made at the September 27 Board meeting.

Application – Children’s Trust Fund – Instructions

Application for Funding – Children’s Trust Fund


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