NOTICE:  Board Meetings will be held via Zoom video conferencing software.  Instructions for viewing the meeting are on the agenda.

Current Agenda: 05-18-2020 Board Agenda


2020 Agendas
04-10-2020 Closed Board Meeting Notice124.2 KiB9
01-27-2020 Board Agenda127.6 KiB9
02-24-2020 Board Agenda128.3 KiB11
04-03-2020 Special Board Agenda129.2 KiB9
04-27-2020 Board Agenda131.4 KiB3
03-23-2020 Board Agenda131.8 KiB16
05-18-2020 Board Agenda139.1 KiB3
2019 Agendas
11-14-2019 Hearing Meeting Agenda97.9 KiB52
11-13-2019 Hearing Meeting Agenda102.1 KiB19
04-22-2019 Board Agenda125.8 KiB54
03-25-2019 Board Agenda126.4 KiB54
01-28-2019 Board Agenda126.7 KiB64
12-16-2019 Board Agenda126.7 KiB12
12-17-2019 Board Agenda126.7 KiB56
11-25-2019 Board Agenda126.9 KiB21
07-22-2019 Board Agenda127.2 KiB37
05-20-2019 Board Agenda127.5 KiB50
02-25-2019 Board Agenda127.8 KiB119
09-23-2019 Board Agenda128.4 KiB20
06-24-2019 Board Agenda129.0 KiB40
08-26-2019 Board Agenda129.7 KiB35
10-28-2019 Board Agenda155.3 KiB17

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