Other Funding

The CCRB Board makes decisions about Supplemental Funding and Emergency Funding for current agency partners on an annual basis.

Supplemental Funding

Supplemental Services funding may be awarded to current partner agencies that have exceeded funding allocations due to high levels of demand for services.  Agency applicants must demonstrate that

a) supplemental funds will provide services for children, youth, or families that would otherwise be denied services due to high demand, or

b) an emergency situation which will seriously impair its ability to fulfill the program mission.

The Board of Directors decides if Supplemental Funding is available for the current fiscal year. Currently funded agencies may apply as often as Supplemental funds are available.


Emergency Funding

Emergency Funding may be awarded to current partner agencies in response to a crisis that may interrupt or prevent service delivery.  The CCRB will respond to all emergency requests within two weeks of receiving the application.  All grant approvals will be based on need and availability of funds.

An emergency is defined as, but not limited to:

    • Internal or external events such as an act of God or local tragedy.
    • Threatening the functionality of the physical location providing CCRB-funded services. (The facility must be located within St. Charles County)
    • An unexpected technology or equipment need.
    • A sudden loss of a funding source.

The emergency must:

    • Demonstrate a connection to a crisis event prior to an agency’s annual application.
    • Not be the result of poor planning or high demand.
    • Seriously impair the agency’s ability to fulfill its mission and to serve St. Charles County residents.

Application for Funding – Emergency

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