Youth Behavioral & Mental Health Data


  • School Staff Survey on Mental_Behavioral Health Needs of St. Charles County Youth for 2019 

    In the Spring of 2019, Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals, Counselors, and other key staff across the St. Charles County Public School Districts were asked to participate in an assessment of their students’ mental and behavioral health needs. At least one staff member from every school building in the district responded (at least partially) to the assessment. Their responses have been analyzed and organized in various tables presented in this report to allow the CCRB, school administrators, school counselors, and behavioral health-focused agencies in our community to have a more accurate understanding of the behavioral and mental health needs of our students across the county.

  • St. Charles County Youth – Analyzing_Community Trends 2004 to 2018

    This report presents the key findings of the demographic information and the community indicators for the St. Charles County youth population, and in some cases, for the general population. A handful of tables and figures are presented in the narrative section, with the tables referenced in the narrative included in the Appendix. Due to spacing limitations, some years were not included in the tables.

  • Missouri Student Survey -St Charles County Report for 2020

    This study provides a review of some of the key findings from 2006 to 2018 (except 2014*) for St. Charles County public school students ranging from 6th to 12th grades collected from the Missouri Student Survey (MSS; developed and implemented by the Missouri Department of Mental Health).  The Missouri Student Survey contains hundreds of questions on a variety of topics including:  depression, use of alcohol and drugs, mental health, bullying experiences, school-based behaviors, and self-injury/suicide. It is important to mention that the schools are instructed to have all 9th graders complete the survey, and to select an additional grade level to survey.  The selection process of this additional grade is not consistent over time or across all St. Charles County schools. The data table was developed by Cynthia J. Berry, Ph.D. of Berry Organizational & Leadership Development (BOLD) LLC., to compare St. Charles County to the state of Missouri on hundreds of relevant Missouri Student Survey items.

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